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 Blue's Angels Updates (Click HERE to see old postings)

Saturday December 13, 2016 Ride to Bartlett Lake & D&DsUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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Well, our first 9 am start had a great turnout today with 20 bodies and 6 trikes and 10 bikes. The wind was up but it wasn't about to deter the Blues Angels from participating in the days events.
Many of the folks enjoyed a fine breakfast at GV before meeting at the Chevron fuel station. They were happy to see Bob and Mary Russell out and about at the breakfast.
We needed to split into 2 groups, as for our own safety, smaller groups were better suited. So Phil led the first group, and again Don Gabbert handled the tail dragger position.   Mr. Vern and Paul B had the honors of leading and tail dragging for the second group .  There was a first rest stop at Fort McDowell, then another 40 miles of many different roads. The first group tested some driving skills on a not so paved stretch of hi-way(that’s a gravel road).  Other than a little dust all went well and they arrived first at Bartlett Lake. The second group finally arrived and we took a short rest and did a few pictures. As Phil said, today its the RIDE not the destination...And we had our share today, great scenery, great twisties, great company.
We split up then as some riders had some household chores to attend to. Another group headed over to D&D s for a great lunch and cake and pie and the chance to win some great prizes. Paul took home the prize, and everyone loaded up their booty and headed back to our little homes.
Next Wed. Dec. 7th:  If temperatures are right, we’ll tackle the Gila Bend ride.  If it’s cold, we should find a warm place at Petro.  The route will depend on the weather.  Also, Bill Lieser is looking at Mount. Lemmon near Tucson for a Sat. Dec. 10th. ride with Sunny Side Up for breakfast.
Total miles on the speedo today was 158.
Paul Andre
Wednesday November 30, 2016 - Ride to Winkleman-Maria'sUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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On a fine, rather cool morning,2 trikes and 6 bikes showed up at the Chevron fuel station on Goldfield Rd. We ended up with 8 riders to tough out the morning breeze.

Our leader today was the man himself Max, and the taildragger position was again filled by the trustworthy Don Gabbert.
Some riders even resorted to using heated handle grips, facemasks, and long johns.
We made it to Maria's in need of some warm coffee to help unthaw our little fingers, Kevin from Superior joined us for breakfast there. After some discussions about our next ride and other important top secret discussions, we left Winkelman and continued down a very good new portion of hi-way towards Globe. There were some delays as roadwork was being done further on down. We then stopped in Globe for a rest and some fuel as required. Then we continued on home thru Miami and Superior and to our warm little Park Models etc. Total miles today was 148.6 on the speedo, and arrived home at 12:45 pm.
The next ride on Saturday Dec. 3rd. will have a 9 am start. Make note of the time change....Plan to eat breakfast before 9:00, either at the Golden Vista Ballroom or at home.  The ride will then be to Bartlett Lake (73 miles, about 1 1/2 hours), followed by a choice of going to the D&D Discount Motorcycles Open House (617 S. McClintock Drive, Tempe) for lunch at noon, or ride directly back to Apache Junction.  There will be leaders for both directions.
Possible future rides include a ride to Gila Bend, and also a tour of the Ray Mine near Tucson.
Wednesday November 23, 2016 Ride to CoolidgeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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Well, on this beautiful morning in Apache Junction the Blues Angels gathered at the Chevron on Goldfield Rd. for an 8am kick off time. Once we had a rough number count, Paul B. called Tags emporium in Coolidge inform the cook of our numbers.
The count seemed to be 7 trikes and 6 bikes, for a total of approx.18 hungry bikers.  Joe Reeves from the Queen Valley area joined us again this ride, along with another rider (was a truck driver) from Grand Forks. Name to follow.  Our Road Captain for today was Bob Shinnick  and the trusty  Don Gabbert was the taildragger. Bob decided to go via the Combs Road on the way down.
Paul Breuklander is planning to put together a new smaller up-to-date Roster.  If you joined recently you can email your address to to get on the email list.  Paul Andre is taking  pictures at the next few rides for the Roster booklet.
Phil is suggesting a nice over night ride next spring; where would you like to venture to? Let Phil know if you have any preferences as to where to go.
Also another bit of info was the job of the tail dragger.  That is the person who should stop to assist anyone who has problems on our rides. Thanks to Vern Chrestensen for his hand in having the Florence Bridge repaved, much better now sir.
Today we rode hard for 88.3 miles and arrived back home at 11:45 am.  The weather for this coming Saturday's ride will be cloudy, but pleasant, for a trip to the Roosevelt Lake area with brunch at Butcher Hook. 
Paul Andre

Saturday November 26, 2016 To Butcher HookUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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A group of fine looking men and women met this morning at 8 am for today's adventure ride to Butcher Hook restaurant. It is an 82 mile ride through some very scenic mountain country side.  Today our leaders would be Duane and Bonnie Switz and the taildragger turned out to be the trusty Don Gabbert.  After a somewhat delayed breakfast, some folks fueled  up their machines and we ventured off down the road to Globe,  Miami  and Superior. We stopped at the Walmart for a stretch for 10 minutes and then continued on our merry way home, arriving at approx. 1:20 pm with 175 miles on the speedo.
Looked like 14 riders came to participate today which was a little cooler but who's complaining aye. There were 5 trikes and 7 bikes today so we went as one group. Eleven is probably the maximum we should safely have in one group when we ride.  Before departure we talked about the reason for the taildragger telling the leader when each turn or traffic light has been cleared.  (Do you know?)  If the leader increases his speed gradually, other riders don't have to speed to catch up.    Also note that our group leaders should ride at the posted speed limit because the last bike will necessarily be traveling faster.
A few picture are here from today's ride. Also a note on MC tires may be included.  We will soon be taking your pictures for the new roster, so bring a smile with you when we meet for the next few rides.  You can write down your information, same format as the last roster, for Phil and Paul B. ahead of time and have it ready.
Note Rennie Heckert Lot #812 ---480-671-2812 has his Yellow Goldwing up for sale, It looks mighty fine, give him a call.....

The next ride on Wednesday, November 30 will be the last one this fall at 8:00 AM, and looks like a trip to Maria’s at Winkelman, a popular spot.  A new starting time of 9:00 AM will commence on Saturday, December 3 during the shorter hours of daylight and colder weather .  It will be to Fort McDowell for coffee or breakfast, then there is the D and D motorcycle shop open house in Tempe, and/or we could ride to Bartlett lake.
A ride to Gila Bend and following the old river highway home is planned for Wednesday, December 7 with a 9:00 AM start.  We are also considering a ride to Coolidge Airport where the Lions put on a fund raiser breakfast on Jan. 7th. 2017.
Paul Andre
Wednesday 9th, 2016Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

Little  late with  this one, Jay called and said they had a good ride except for the winds south of us near  Casa Grande.  The left the Chevron with three trikes and five bikes. There was ten riders in all. Duane and Bonnie was there on their new Blue trike, and Don Gabbert is back too.  Roy Karasiuk  is back, and should see him and our leader Phillip Parsons riding with us soon.  Also Fred and Ardie is back, but will not be riding. He is putting His white Goldwing up for sale with a trailer to haul it on if you which. f you can stop by his place here in golden vista. They are at 158 Limestone dr.

Now Jay said they went south to the Petro. I bet they had a good meal and did a lot of talking. Oh I forgot I think Jay said something about Bob and Mary Russell. They rode 132 miles with the wind it took the 5 hours and 15 min. Ride safe and see you all in a week if Doc says I can. I'll let you all know after next Wed.

                                                              Paul B

Saturday 12th, November 2016Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
This is going to be short, because I didn't ride. There was close to  20 plus I think.  They went to the Duck Pond. It has new owner for the last 4 months  They removed all the pictures. The motel isn't  open yet. They said the food was good but still little slow. but said if business picks up they will do better.

They road 180 miles. we ride Wed 11/16/2016, Phil is back and should have things to talk about. So let's have a good show In fact sound like a lot of the gang is back. ride safe and I should be back riding Sat 11/19/16 depends on what doctors do or say.
Road Captain  Paul B
Ride to the Ak-Chin November 16, 2016Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
This was the first day for me to be back on the job as your leader. It was indeed a rewarding experience to have 11 bikes and trikes carrying 13 people meet at the station for today's ride. You could wander among the new rides people are bringing, and it would look like a bike show. There was a reminder to everyone in the safety talk before departure, focused today on spacing; keeping space between bikes and at the same time keeping a tight formation. Today's target was Ak-Chin Casino south of Maricopa. Tail Dragger, Don Gabbert, joined me at the head of the line because of a questionable radio with Jay Stewart covering the rear.
We took off on the 202, planning to get off at Dobson Road for the Maricopa Road, only to be caught in the middle lane as the exit appeared. In the rush of traffic Carroll Johnson was unable to cut through, and went on to do errands instead of continuing alone. A call had been made, so the Agave Room staff were ready, and a delightful and filling meal was served. Some will remember once when we had outside tables that never saw a waitress. Today was a pleasant experience.
After the meal, our group turned south through the Ak-Chin reservation, then left thru the farm country around Stanfield toward Casa Grande. This is the place where mega-dairies and feedlots prevail; an interesting sight that can be made more real if you take the Dairy Tour that is offered on one of them. After a short gas stop in Casa Grande, we headed north and east to Coolidge, the Florence and home on the 79. We have Joe and Bill from Queen Valley, so they cut off for home at the intersection with the 60. It was a good trip, and a good meal. There will be more riders for each future event.
Today's route brought us to some new roads on the roughly 144-mile circuit, and we returned to GV at 1:07. Saturday's ride will be to the Florence Cafe, with extensions from there. Before year's end, there should be rides to several familiar places as well as a ride to Mt. Lemon in Tucson. To those at home, we can say “come on down” to the warm weather and open roads around us. We'll be glad when Paul Andre returns to supply pictures.
Saturday November 20th, 2016 Ride ReportUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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Today approximately 13 people joined the ride, 6 trikes and 4 bikes met at 8am at the Chevron fuel station on Goldfield. There was another group of riders gathering there getting set for a good days ride. 

Phil, our President. gave a short talk about safety while riding in a group. Each rider is responsible for their own safety while riding. Maintaining the proper distance between the other riders in the group helps keep other vehicles from getting in amongst our group. 

A new rider from Queen Valley joined us, I didn't catch his name. See pictures..

We called the Florence Cafe to let them know we were coming there for breakfast. We left the Chevron, down Highway #60 to Florence Junction turnoff. All looked great until the wind and blowing dust made for a less than desirable ride. At breakfast it was decided not to do a longer ride via Winkelman etc.

Breakfast was served in a timely manner.  The riders had a chance to converse about their summer experiences at their northern homes.

There was a very unusual thing happened when we came outside after breakfast. One Harley wouldn't start...  

A fellow HD rider from North Dakota (see picture) happened by and offered his expertise. The Harley refused to participate and was left in the parking lot to think things over.

We decided to ride home via the Hunt highway and Ironwood and Baseline.  The temperature was 80F when we arrived home at approximately 11:40am.  It was a 70 mile ride for the day.

The ride on Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, will be to Tags at Coolidge.
Paul Andre

Nov 12 - Idaho Riders visit old interment campUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
See today's pictures by clicking here.
As you might surmise, the time for rides in Idaho is fast coming to a close. Today, however, we enjoyed a mild afternoon and spent it visiting a very historic place. Less than 15 miles from Twin Falls there is the remains of a Japanese Interment Camp where over 9000 individuals and families were interred during WW!!. While most of the structures are long gone, the area is now preserved on the National Registry of Historic Places. You can see a replica of one of the guard towers, a couple of the original buildings and a very complete account of what and why this happened. Truthfully, I found it to be a sad tale of our American history. This was our first visit there and proved to be very educational. I am including a number of pictures that tell part of the story. I hope you are able to read them...
About the ride.. Our numbers were small with only 3 bikes and 5 up. Departure was just after 1:00 pm and it was a mild 59 degrees. Those in attendance included my sweet wife Wanda, son Steve and good friends Dallas Wilson and Tammy Scott. After visiting the Hunt Camp, we rode over to the little town of Eden for a late lunch or some cases, a beverage. The ride in total was just over 55 miles, average speed 38 mph and total riding time just over 1.5 hours.
It is always good to be on the bike. Hope we can manage at least one more outing....

 Contact Information

Summer Ride Coordinator - Call 480-747-3931

 About the Blue's Angels

The “Blue’s Angels” was formed in 1995 by John H. Kelty. The name of the group came from John’s original 1993 1500 cc blue Goldwing which he named “Blue”. The "Angels" was chosen because all the riders are all such good little boys with their toys, and most of all because we wanted prayer involved as we rode and socialized.

Blue’s Angel's started with six bikes from the Golden Vista Resort in Apache Junction, AZ. and four from West Phoenix. There are now over 40 active, enthusiastic guys and girls. Every time “Blue” met a new person at Golden Vista he asks “why don't you buy a motorcycle?” Many did!

Blue’s Angels strive for comradeship while doing a fairly dangerous hobby and enjoying every minute of the time we ride. Blue loved people and wanted them to all feel the joy of riding as he did.

In the Spring of 2012, Blue handed the leadership of the group to Bill (Dollar Bill) Barrington who did so with the mutual agreement that it remained "Blue's Angels" and that while he would coordinate the rides and the general direction of the riders, John Kelty remained "THE MAN"

Unfortunately after over 20 years of riding nearly 250,000 miles, Blue succumbed to cancer on November 11, 2014. Up until his last days he loved to ride and it was his hope, as well as his families, that the Angels remain together and continue riding and loving the open road as much as Blue did.

The Angels have no specific restrictions of membership. The only requirement would be that members maintain a safe bike. All riders are encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety course. To be an official member one must invest $12.00 to buy a Blue's Angels Cap. After that huge expense, there are no dues or fees.

The main goals are:

- to keep the group going forever

- to keep it simple and informal

- to keep the prayers flowing for all in need


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