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Hello Angels, Webmaster here. I know many of you have been asking about how Blue is doing.  I’m sorry it’s taken this long to get an update out, but Blue wanted to wait until he had all the information and then it took me a while to sit down and write this up.  So here it is…
About six weeks ago Blue went to the hospital because he didn’t feel good and they thought he might be having a heart attack.  Turned out his heart was fine and they didn’t know what the issue was.  A couple of weeks ago it happened again, but this time they picked up something on his chest xray.  Fast forward about 10 days and many additional tests, a four day stay in the hospital and a biopsy, and I’m sorry to say it was confirmed to be lung cancer.  Based on the scans the majority of the cancer is in his right lung, but I’m sorry to say that it has also spread to different areas as well (but not to his brain).
There’s no specific cure for this cancer based on Blue’s age and how far it’s progressed, but chemo therapy is supposed to help retard the growth and hopefully make him feel better.  He had his first round of chemo this last weekend.  So far the biggest impact Blue is having from both the cancer and the chemo is fatigue.
Blue is home now and relaxing.  As Angels start coming back into the valley and want to visit, the only request is if you are sick or have recently been sick, please reframe from visiting until you have been 100% healthy for a couple of days.  Other than that, please remember that Blue is still working on building his strength back up, so currently he gets tired easily. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
August 30 Ride to GlobeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Paul Breuklander called with today's ride report and it involved 2 trikes plus one bike with a total of 4 up. As is the case during the hot summer days, departure was at 7 am when riders can enjoy the cool 80 degree temperatures. Jerry's in Globe was the destination and while the food ad service was OK, I understand that the prices were a bit high. Paul said his waffle and coffee came to $14.00. I am guessing that somewhere along the line, there was an error in slips, or at least I hope so. In any case, the riders were back in by 10:30 at which time we were experiencing triple digit temperatures (103). Yep, that's summer in Arizona. You know the saying, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, or something like that. I really have no idea how that applies, but my fingers don't seem to want to stop...  OK, we are done... 
August 28 ride and reportUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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Good afternoon all...
I know that you have been waiting to hear an update on Blue and I am sorry to report that I have none to give. His son, Ed, has promised to let me know when the testing they are doing is OK to distribute, so just be patient and keep Blue and his family in your prayers.
Apart from that, I can tell you that Wanda and I joined two other bikes this morning for a ride to Cracker Barrel in Casa Grande. It was a beautiful morning to ride. The cotton is abundant and some is getting about ready to harvest. Breakfast was OK and all was good until Dave and Dee Hopps encountered bike problems as we were riding through Coolidge. Turned out he had to call a tow service and send his Spider to the shop. Wanda and I rode back to get the car so we could ferry them back and when we arrived found Goldfield Road blocked off as there was a house on fire in Dolce Vita. I will check later, but when I last looked, it appeared to be a total loss. As you will see there were lots of trucks. I think it started around 10 am and they did not start to pull away until about 1:30. Hope no one was hurt.
Stay well, and stay tuned.
Prayers for BlueUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
I just read on Facebook that Blue is in the hospital. I have no other information but do ask that you keep him in your prayers. I will let you know if I hear anything further.
August 23 - Small group to TagsUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Blue left me a message on the answering machine and I am just getting to it.... Sorry for the short delay...  Apparently he was not feeling well yesterday but is hopeful he will be back riding next Saturday. Yesterday 2 trikes and 1 bike, with a compliment of 4 up departed from the Chevron at 7 am. Tags was the destination and I have no horror stories to convey, so much assume that service, food quality and conversation all were good. They arrived home by 10 am having traveled a total of 96 miles.
My trike continues to hide under its cover but hopefully in the next few days I will get it our and cleaned and cover some highway.
Saw Charmaine LaGrange at the hospital the other day. She tells me that their Gold Wing is still available for purchase. Hopefully this link will take you to  that previous listing.  CLICK HERE
Ride safe everyone.

 About the Blue's Angels

The “Blue’s Angels” was formed in 1995 by John Kelty.  The name of the group came from John’s current 1993 1500 cc blue Goldwing which he  has named “Blue”.   The "Angels" was chosen because all the riders are all such good little boys with their toys, and most of all because we wanted prayer involved as we rode and socialized.
Blue’s Angel's started with six bikes from the Golden Vista Resort and four from West Phoenix.  There are now over 40 active, enthusiastic guys and girls.  Every time “Blue” meets a new person at Golden Vista he asks “why don't you buy a motorcycle?”  Many do!
Blue’s Angels strive for comradeship while doing a fairly dangerous hobby and enjoying every minute of the time we ride.  Blue loves people and wants them all to feel as he does.
In the Spring of 2012, Blue handed the leadership of the group to Bill (Dollar Bill) Barrington who did so with the mutual agreement that it remained "Blue's Angels" and that while he would coordinate the rides and the general direction of the riders, John Kelty remains "THE MAN"

The Angels have no specific restrictions of membership. The only requirement would be that members maintain a safe bike.   All riders are encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety course.  To be an official member one must invest $12.00 to buy a Blue's Angels Cap.  After that huge expense, there are no dues or fees.
The main goals are:
   to keep the group going forever
   to keep it simple and informal
   to keep the prayers flowing for all in need


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