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 Blue's Angels Updates (Click HERE to see old postings)

May 27 ride to Ft McDowell CasinoUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).New
I want to thank Paul B for continuing to send reports on the Arizona Summer Rides... Paul is involved in a lot of projects but is diligent about keeping things current. Thank you sir... 
Two bikes and two trikes met at the Chevron station this  nice Wednesday morning. We had two lady passengers. It was going to be hot today so everyone agreed to go to Fort McDowell casino for a good breakfast and a lot of conversion. Jay and Dottie lead and Redshirt and Marabell rode the tail.  We traveled 80 miles so it was a short ride, with elapsed time of only 3 hr and 30 min.
            We will meet Sat. and so far we plan to go to Pine, to the Creekside  Restaurant.
Cowpoke (Road Captain)
May 23 Arizona RideUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
      Here it is Sat. again our small group gather at the Chevron station.  There was only three bikes that showed up. We had one passenger. We where lucky going our usual way not a lot of traffic for a holiday week-end. Jay lead us today with redshirt on the tail. There was a lot of orange cones on both sides of the User hwy. Something was going on but we didn't know what. We went to the 260 café {Misfits}. There was a big group of riders there already. But we got waited on fast and left at the same time as the other group did. They went one way. We went back 188 to globe, and home.  We stopped at Tonto Basin for Jay and me to gas up. We picked up a three car Highway patrol escort. all the way to hwy. 60. I guess they just had breakfast and was headed back on patrol.. We traveled 212 miles and a lap time of 5 hours. It was cold in the canyon. but a good day for our ride.
                                                   Road Captain
May 20th Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
     Well another nice day for a ride. We met at the Chevron station. Wed morning I got there at 7:30. There was a total of three bikes and 5 riders. We headed east with Cowpoke leading and Redshirt on the tail. We ended up at the Apache Gold Casino. We all had a good breakfast. After we were done we headed straight back home. We had personal things to do. We traveled 127 miles. Had a lap time of four hours. We all agreed to ride Saturday.
                                                                  Road Captain
Prayers for Mel DaviesUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
I had a note from Dennis McKinney today saying that Mel Davies of D & D Motorcycle is (or has been) in the hospital for brain surgery. I understand that this may be the second or third procedure for a brain tumor and that more surgery may be required.  If I get more information, I will pass it along.  In the meantime, prayers are always helpful.
Weather Halts Arizona RidersUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Pat, this weeks rides where cancelled by weather. It is raining pretty good now. I called every one who rides in summer and they all agreed. 
 I talked to Jay and he gave me this:  The Wed ride involved only 2 bikes. B.J. and Jay rode to Fort Mc Dowell. there is a new restaurant there called Café 87.  The food was good and the price ranged from $4.00 to $8.00. They only rode 77 mile.
The doc ok me to ride now, my foot is healing  good.
Last Two Arizona RidesUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
 Jay called awhile ago (Monday -May 11). He forgot to call me about the Wed. and Sat. ride.

Anyway, this is what he told me:
 Wed. consisted of 5 riders to the Payson Airport. That was all he said about that. 
 Sat ride took 6 rider to Catalina, to the Sunny Side Up Restaurant. They came home by way of I-10.   About 167 miles.

       Jay was so excited  about the recovery trailer he is working on. I gave him a 43,000 wench to put on it. He said now if any bike breaks down, he can go get it and haul them where they need to go. Just reimburse him for  gas.  That is all I know about this and the two rides.
       My foot is on the mend and I'm going  to ride around the park to see how I fairs. If all goes well I'll ride next Sat.
                                                                                  Paul  B
Michigan Mike travels East...Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
I received this travel account from the McDonalds today. Sounds like a spooky drive to me... I would not want to be traveling in that country this time of the year.

 Had trouble getting the internet turned on, but finally success Monday at 3 p.m.

      AZ to MI  May, 2015
Friday, May 8, 2015
Left AZ Friday @ 6:50 a.m. 64 degrees.  Got to Holbrook, I-40 at 10:15 a.m.  62 degrees.  So far so good.
Arrived into New Mexico around 11:20 a.m.  63 degrees.  This is the point of orange barrels thru the whole state, on and off, but slow driving, no stop & go.  Good for barrels.
Time Change
Stopped for lunch in Albuquerque? N.M. at a T A gas. Gas was $2.49, got 14.4 gal = 27.8 mpg. - drove 407 miles.
Time Change
Got into Texas at 6:44 p.m.  71 degrees.  Stayed at Quality Inn in Amarello.  Went thru 1 1/2 tanks of gas.
Forrest Lake, AZ was 42 degrees, fluctuating thru 79 degrees in areas.
Mike insisted in driving the whole way.  Tornado watch here in Amarillo.
          AZ to MI May, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Left Amarillo, Tx about 7:00 a.m.  Storms all night, got up to dark skies & lots of lightning. TV said 1,000 strikes per minute. On the road about 7:00a.m. heavy rain with lightning, Stayed close to semi truck for somewhat cover. 48 degrees.
Gas @ Shell @ 2.49, mileage 292.7, ll.2 gal. $28.00.
Got to Oklahoma around 8:50 @ 62 degrees.  Stormy all the way to this point. Rain let up.  so we stopped for lunch @ 11:00.
Gas @ Love's @ 2.29, 9.4 gal.  $21.80 Close to the turnpike (Turner Turnpike) $4.00.  I drove from 10-2:00.
Then we went on the Will Rogers turnpike $4.00. 
Arrived Missouri - 73 degrees at 3:00.  Stayed at Econolodge exit 161.
Ordered pizza for dinner.
                  AZ to MI  May, 2015
Sunday, May 10, 2015
Left Amarillo 6:30 a.m.  66 degrees.  Got gas at Shell @ $2.49, 11.2 gal.  $28.00.  Very scary driving.  TV had said there were 1000 lightning strikes per minute.  It looked like we'd be ahead of the storm so we left.  Dark, clouds moving fast, lots of lightning.  Got behind a semi.  Mike felt it was safer behind a big truck, as lightning usually hits the bigger. 
Saw no tornado damages along I-40.  Arrived in Illinois 8:30 a.m., 68 degrees.  Drove til 3:30, stopped for gas & lunch.  Got gas at $2.49, 13.8 gal  $34.70.
Took different way, to avoid the Arch, driving towards 80/90.  Arrived Indiana 2:15p.m.  47 degrees..Got into MI 2:55p.m.  @ 46 degrees.
One can always tell blindfolded when getting into MI, as the roads are the worst.
Arrived at the 5th wheel about 5:10p.m. , 71 degrees.  The kids came & opened everything & cleaned it up. Thank God for kids, there great!! I did the driving today as Mike didn't feel well.  He took over around 3:30, felt better.  Took the kids out for dinner.
May 2nd ride to WinklemanUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
       Pat sorry this is late but Jabba had been down since  Sunday.  Jay Called this in.  I  just went over to his place, to give him  the wench I used on my trailer.
      He said there were only three riders.  They decided on a short ride so opted for Winkelman and Maria's.  Total distance = 118 miles and I don't know how long they were out. Jay said they were riding Wed. but didn't know where.
       My foot is doing pretty good. I'll know more Friday.
       Your ride and pictures looked great
May 3rd ride to Sun Valley IdahoUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
See more pictures HERE
I thought that by today I would have a report from the Arizona riders, but nothing has arrived as yet. Given that, I am taking the liberty of sharing our day on the bike. Many of you know that we are still busy getting our home in order and most days are devoted to projects here. There have been a number of days with favorable riding temperatures, that we have squandered. Today was not one of them.
Our son Steven met Wanda and I here for a refresher ride north to the Sun Valley area. That is the direction I will be leading the group that will be here in August for a 5 day outing and I wanted to look at a couple of possibilities for our first day breakfast. So, at 8:30 we headed out, enjoying a brisk 57 degree morning. As you can see,there were some clouds and while there was some chance of scattered rains as we went North, we were not deterred.
 Steve led the way. Our first stop was to check out the facilities, prices and quality of food at theManhattan Restaurant in Shoshone. It is still on the list and is about the right distance for our first stop.
The first part of our ride takes us through farming and dairy country. There are a couple of feed lots that spoil the fresh morning air, and we ride past the Ice Caves (a glacial phenomenon that in the early days provided all of the ice for the Magic Valley). There are also some lava fields and lots of high desert. As we approach the Sun Valley area, the scenery changes pretty dramatically. It is not the dramatic high peaks that we see in Colorado but certainly some elevation with snow still showing on the tops of the mountains. Once we reached Ketchum we took a side trip to ride through the Elkhorn Golf complex. This is a very long course with some very expensive homes all along the route and will definitely be a segment of the August outing.
We took a short break at Starbucks in Ketchum. You know the routine, empty the bladder and then work on filling it back up! On the way up, we rode one short section of highway where there had just been a rain squall and there was some possibility that more rain could happen if we rode on up the mountain, but I wanted to continue on to Galena Summit. We knew it would be chilly there, much cooler than the mid 60's we were enjoying, but decided to press on. As you look at the pictures you will see that there was snow all around us and the temperature did drop to 50, but the view was worth it. As you look over the summit, you are gazing down on the headwaters of the Salmon River. It is spectacular. At this point, we were 125 miles into our ride and it was time to retrace our tracks. 
 We did stop for an early supper at Brandies Kitchen in Bellevue. This too is a possibility for our summer ride breakfast. Good food and good service but a little pricier.
Steve let me lead on the rest of the ride and I did manage to find our way back with no U-Turns. It was about 4 pm when we returned and a very comfortable 74 degrees. I have managed to lose my GPS, so don't have the usual ride statistics that I like to provide.  I can say for certain that it was nearly 7 hours and almost 250 miles. Oh yes, and GREAT TO BE OUT ON THE BIKE.
We took over 170 photo's and there are few samples which I hope you enjoy.
April 29th ride to CoolidgeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
As you can see, the report today came via more than one source. Paul B is not riding as he had a bone removed from his right foot. He says he is making good progress and hopes to be back on the bike soon.. Here is the report that he sent, as reported by Jay Stewart.
Two trikes and two bikes with six riders, met at the chevron at 7:30.  Jay and Dot lead the group with Redshirt and Marbell was on the tail . They went to tags in Coolisage. It was windy so they came back by the way of ironwood rd. The road about 95 miles about 4 hours laps time.
       Jay says they will ride Sat. May the 2, They plan to go to Maria's in Winkelman.

 About the Blue's Angels

The “Blue’s Angels” was formed in 1995 by John H. Kelty. The name of the group came from John’s original 1993 1500 cc blue Goldwing which he named “Blue”. The "Angels" was chosen because all the riders are all such good little boys with their toys, and most of all because we wanted prayer involved as we rode and socialized.

Blue’s Angel's started with six bikes from the Golden Vista Resort in Apache Junction, AZ. and four from West Phoenix. There are now over 40 active, enthusiastic guys and girls. Every time “Blue” met a new person at Golden Vista he asks “why don't you buy a motorcycle?” Many did!

Blue’s Angels strive for comradeship while doing a fairly dangerous hobby and enjoying every minute of the time we ride. Blue loved people and wanted them to all feel the joy of riding as he did.

In the Spring of 2012, Blue handed the leadership of the group to Bill (Dollar Bill) Barrington who did so with the mutual agreement that it remained "Blue's Angels" and that while he would coordinate the rides and the general direction of the riders, John Kelty remained "THE MAN"

Unfortunately after over 20 years of riding nearly 250,000 miles, Blue succumbed to cancer on November 11, 2014. Up until his last days he loved to ride and it was his hope, as well as his families, that the Angels remain together and continue riding and loving the open road as much as Blue did.

The Angels have no specific restrictions of membership. The only requirement would be that members maintain a safe bike. All riders are encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety course. To be an official member one must invest $12.00 to buy a Blue's Angels Cap. After that huge expense, there are no dues or fees.

The main goals are:

- to keep the group going forever

- to keep it simple and informal

- to keep the prayers flowing for all in need


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