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 Blue's Angels Updates (Click HERE to see old postings)

The trailer is packed and we plan to arrive soon after Christmas!Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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I have attached some picture regarding the American Legion Riders that I belong to here in WI.  This is a Wreaths Across America event that takes place throughout our great USA.  Our riders raised $34,000 dollars and placed wreaths on many of the 7000 plus graves at the King Veterans Home here in Wisconsin.  We started this project 3 years ago placing 400 wreaths the first year, 1500 the second and this year over 3500 wreaths.  We hope to raise funds to place a wreath on all Veteran’s graves next year.   Representatives are chosen to place a memorial wreath  to represent all service branches at a ceremony following the laying of wreaths at the graves. 
I was fortunate this year to be chosen to represent the US Army and said a silent prayer for our own veteran “Blue” while laying the wreath.  As you can see by the pictures we have a large volunteer group that exist in laying the wreaths and this is done simultaneously throughout the Nation including Arlington Cemetery.  Dignitaries have included State Senators, State and Post American Legion Commanders, Military Generals and many Veteran groups.  Donations come from all over the USA.  We even received a check from the Green Bay Packers for $1000.00 this year. 
Merry Christmas
See you guys soon,  
Ride Safe
Dollar Bill
Bill Barrington
Blue’s Military IntermentUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

Hello Angels,

I wanted to let you all know that we’ve finally been able to schedule Blue’s Military Interment.  Here’s the information:

Date: Friday, January 23rd
Time: 11:00AM
Location: 23029 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85024

I hope that as many of the Angels as possible can make it to Blue’s burial.  Please also feel free to forward this information on to any other individuals or groups that might want to attend.  If the Angels leave from the Chevron, assuming no traffic, it looks like it will take 45 minutes to the cemetery.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Thanks, Ed (

Coolidge on a Rainy dayUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
There is a great truism that the first step to a journey is the longest one, and that was true of the Angels this morning.   Rain showers were just ending as 5 hardy riders met at the Chevron for a proposed trip to Tag’s at Coolidge.  Spyderman was chosen to lead, with Paul B. to bring up the rear.
Our group took the Ironwood route to Coolidge because western skies had started to clear.  About every 10 miles we would catch up with the back end of a shower to wet our windshields; the wet roads caused the bikes to need a wash job when we returned.  But indeed the riders persevered through all the little communities along the Hunt Highway.  Did you know that Florence Hospital in Anthem keeps a helicopter on its roof?
The restaurant was pulsing with local traffic today.  As usual, the food was good and conversation stimulating.  The route home was back on the Hunt Highway to Florence, following the rain north on #79 toward the mountains shrouded in gray clouds.  No more rain fell, and the group enjoyed that feeling of having stolen a ride from Mother Nature’s grasp. 
Today’s ride was 80 miles with a lapsed time of 1 hour 50 minutes @43 mph.  Riders on Wednesday will choose their destination when they gather.
Phil Parsons
Saterday RideUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

Blue's Angels,

I talked with Paul B. this morning when the rain threat seemed high.  It seems to be slacking off to showers, which means we could make a ride.  For anyone interested, there will be a ride tomorrow at 9:00 from the station with Paul in charge.  He thought a trip to Tags at Coolidge would be a good destination.  See how it works out in the morning.
Phil Parsons

Blue's Memorial PatchesUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

I wanted to let everyone know that I am no longer taking pre-orders for memorial patches for Blue.

I have 100 patches on order and they should arrive in early January.  Ninety patches are sold but I have duplicate orders from approximately 8 people.  The extra patches will be available upon my arrival and be available then. 

Dollar Bill

Ride to Oracle on December 10, 2014Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Click HERE to see all pictures from this ride
It was a “perfect Arizona morning” as the Angels left the Chevron after pictures at 9:00 for the ride to Oracle and Demarco’s Café.  A light fog created by last week’s rain created purple mountains’ majesty of the distant mountain peaks.  Vern Chrestensen led our 14 bikes with 1 passenger, with Taildragger Don at the rear.  We have new/returning riders every week.  Today Dick and Linda Lilienthal from Minnesota joined our group, and also Collin Hendrickson.  Collin purchased his neatly lighted ’99 Gold Wing in Kingman, KS on his way here from North Dakota.
You can tell this is a good season in AZ because there is water in the Gila River at Florence, and also at Winkelman!  The group made the traditional stop at the Tom Mix,  past no less than 6 ADOT trucks with inspectors checking a recently completed project, then proceeded left on Highway 77 to Demarco’s in the heart of Oracle.  They had our table all set up with menus at each place.  This is their early hour, so there were few other customers.  The food was delicious, we had two servers, and everyone enjoyed. 
Our leader turned left for a ride thru Oracle.  Did you see the kitchy A-frame Motel just past the restaurant?  The highway north and west thru Winkelman is known as the Copper Canyon Scenic Road, and drops 2,500 feet in elevation from the mines at Mammoth to the river at Winkelman where we stop for fuel.  I noticed a blue-green top graces the slag piles west of Kearney, but I think it is some sort of cover.  A crew had cut an old mining truck box in half along the road, where the two pieces were being loaded onto flatbeds for an unknown destination.  So many things to see..
Today’s trip was 176 miles with lapsed time of 3 hrs 24 minutes at average 51 mph.  Plans for Saturday?  59 degrees with 100% rain is predicted – stay tuned.
Phil Parsons
Dec 6 - Ride to Fountain Hills (secont account)Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
CLICK HERE to view this rides photo's
You will note that this is a second account of today's ride. This one submitted by Phil Parsons. Welcome back Phil.. And thank you for the pictures. It will be nice to illustrate the rides with the pics...
Joining the ride again this year was with the pleasure of old times; familiar faces and the happy banter of good friends.  Sixteen bikes plus one cage with 3 passengers took the ride to Denny’s in Fountain Hills for breakfast.  The goal today included the D & D Open House and a leather shop in North Scottsdale.  We took the Bush Highway to exercise on the open road, but skipped the Fountain on the Lake on this cloudy day.
Breakfast at Denny’s is always a full meal, and today was no exception.  Were we prepared for another meal in an hour?  Well no, so some went directly home.  You can tell by the pictures that lots of people joined us at D & D, where they also handed out a raft of prizes.  No report at this writing from the riders who attended the Leather Shop Open House.  My trip today was 87 miles with 2 hrs 7 min riding time @41 mph.
The plan next Wednesday is for a ride south to Delmonico’s Pizzeria at Oracle.  For breakfast?  We did it last year, good food and the place is enjoyable.  Join us and find out!
Phil Parsons
Dec 6 ride to Fountain Hills Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
My thanks to Paul B for calling the report to me on todays ride. It is obvious that more people are back and that riding conditions are improving.... My thoughts are with you.
19 riders utilizing 3 trikes, 14 bikes and a cage gathered for a 9 am departure to Fountain Hills. Among them was a guest rider from Superstition Springs (Don Campbell)
Phil Parsons let the group and Redshirt rode shotgun. The destination was Denny's Restaurant which always strives to provide a good meal at a good price with friendly service.
Following breakfast all but one of the riders headed to D&D Cycle for their December Open House. I understand that 5 of the Angels were winners of the drawing prizes. Those fortunate included Dot, Mike and Irv..  Paul B led all but one of those returning to Golden Vista home. Some went their own way and one rider opted to go to the Arizona Leather event.
Roster Change:  Please make a note in your roster that my phone number (home and cell) is now 208-539-7732.  Thank you.
Dec 3 ride to Gila BendUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Hello Pat;
Before I get into the meat of todays ride with the Angels I must point out that there was "NO SNOW" either in the forecast or during the route.  However I must also mention that our self professed weatherman, Irving Valvick (AKA Irv) on three separate occasions advised the group there would be no rain today and none till tomorrow.  On three separate occasions we ran into downpours.  Well maybe not downpours but there was humidity in the air.  So I guess Irv needs to go back to weather school.  Ha.  The group of 7 bikes, 2 trikes with 12 up departed the Goldfield Chevron at 0900 Hrs destined for the Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend.  Eric L. led and Vern C. brought up the tail.  Enroute we took a short break at the Circle K in Maricopa and then arrived at the restaurant approx. 1115 Hrs.  Was nice to get back to one of Blue's favourite food stops again as I believe this is the first time this season we've made it to the Space Age restaurant.  Had the usual excellent service and food.  After replenishing our fat cells the return journey took us back via the Ak Chin Casino in Maricopa for a brief pitt stop.  We then set out for what was believed to be our final journey home however as we proceeded through Chandler someone who chose not to top up in Gila Bend and will remain nameless, discovered he likely wouldn't make it home with what was left in his tank.  So an unscheduled pitt stop for fuel was made in Chandler with everyone returning home around 1430 Hrs having travelled a total of 206 miles.  Next Wednesdays ride will be to Oracle and check out the pizza restaurant as there seems to be some confusion as to how good it is and/or if its open on Wed.  We'll check it out.
Eric LaFoy
Note... Thanks to Eric for the report and FYI, there was no snow in Twin Falls either. I spent part of the day on a ladder installing a TV antenna and it was cool (invigorating) . Had planned on driving back there today but am putting it off for one week..  Shutterbug
Nov 29th ride to PaytonUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Let me begin by saying that snow is just a cold as I remembered it to be...  This report comes to you from Twin Falls, Idaho where it was a sunny 60 plus degrees on the day you rode and today it is snowing....  I am not whining, just reporting in....  Thanks to Paul B for calling this report on Saturday do me.
There was an excellent turnout for the ride on Saturday. A total of 20 machines were assembled and raring to enjoy the Arizona byways. However 3 trikes and two of the bikes could not spare the time to ride all the way to Payson, so opted instead to make a run to Superior.
The remaining 15, two of which were trikes, had 19 up and at 9 am headed toward the Beeline Highway. If I understand correctly Paul led one group and Taildragger riding shotgun and Broker led a second contingent.
The Airport was the destination and as always service food and companionship was of a premium nature. It was a bit cool at Payson and some of the riders made note of it (DID I MENTION THAT IT IS SNOWING HERE).
On the return, 4 units opted to ride straight back to AJ while the remaining 16 took the longer route via Globe. This group arrived home at 2 pm. Total miles for the last to arrive home was 214.
I think the Wednesday group is planning on going to the Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend. Departure will be at 9 am
And next Saturday a decision needs to be made.
D & B Supply is having their December Open House and some may want to coordinate a ride that includes time there.. Some of the riders have also expressed interest in attending the AZ Bikers Leathers Show.  It is my understanding that there they would be able to look at all kinds of fancy and functional biking leathers. The decision will be made at the Chevron and maybe, just maybe, they can work in both, or have two separate groups..
I will be looking forward to those decisions.
Reminder:  If you have not already done so, you need to order your Memorial Patch(s). They are $5.00 each and I understand that Dollar Bill has placed the order for 100 of them. I have not yet seen the final proof that he was to approve but when I comes, I will send it on.
Blue's Celebration of LifeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
I know a lot of the Angels were not able to attend our celebration of Blue's life on Saturday (11/22/2014), so I video taped it in case you wanted to see what we did...  There are two videos, one is a comprehensive recording of the entire event (except for the first minute or so because I forgot to turn on the camera on - DOH!) which is around 50 minutes long .  You can watch that video by clicking on the following link:
The second video is of Blue's life from when he was born to shortly before he passed away.  The music was selected by Blue!  This video is part of the longer video, so if you watched the entire long video, there's no reason to watch this one. This is 10 minutes long and you can watch it by clicking the following link:
Take care and thanks for all the help and words of support!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The Webmaster (i.e. Edward Kelty)
Wednesday 11/26 "8am" RideUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Five bikes meet at chevron at 8 am for a cool ride to Denny’s in fountain hills.  It was 48 degrees as we left and 65 when we returned.  Good conversation and a fun ride.

It was announced last Saturday that we would be leaving the chevron at 9 am starting December 1st. But it appears by the turnout this morning at 8 am that some blue's angels didn't get the word that it was already December 1st !!!!

Vern c. Was the leader and Roger Voit the tail dragger to fountain hills.  Good time was had by all. Total miles was 85.

We also met a couple from Payson that recognized our hats and were sorry to hear of Blue's passing. They were friends of Blue and Char from when they camped on the ridge.  Sorry, but I can't remember their names.

Happy thanksgiving
Wednesday November 26th, 2014 Ride UpdateUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
The Wed. ride gathered at the new departure time of 0900 Hrs at usual location of Goldfield Chevron. A small crowd today of only 5 bikes and 5 riders. It was decided we'd make a shorter run today and took the back way down to one of our favorites which is Tag's in Coolidge and back via Florence. Good old Tag's as they are always spot on with the service and the food. Today the girls asked where Blue was as hadn't seen him for awhile. When we advised them of his passing two weeks ago they were very saddened to hear this news and passed along their condolences to Blue's family and friends. The owners are currently away for the holiday but they said they would be passing this along to them as well. Eric led the group with Don Gabbert AKA Tail Drager bringing up the rear both down and back. Although Bob Adair AKA Country Boy was part of the herd today he was silent as we made our way down and back. Only to discover later that Country Boy's umbilical cord had been detached thus no jokes/comments etc etc. Total mileage covered today was approximately 90 miles. The anticipated ride next Wed. will be to Gila Bend with all things being equal. Eric LaFoy
Tour of Honor's Arizona Heroes RunUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Click HERE to see the article
On Saturday the same day as Blue's memorial I was invited to ride with the Phoenix chapter of the Blue Knights (International Police M/C Organization of which I belong to the Edmonton Alberta Chapter) on a Tour of Honor's for Hero's ride.  This took in three memorial sites to pay honor to fallen heroes which involved the Arizona Police Officers Memorial in downtown Phoenix (DPS HQ) then out to Anthem AZ for the Memorial for the five arms of the Military and then out to Prescott for the memorial for the 19 fire fighters killed last year in the Yarnell fire. 
I was truly humbled at every location as speakers spoke at each site followed by a moment of silence and a short prayer for the fallen.  Then when we got to Prescott this was very special as we were greeted by the parents of the crew chief of the 19 fire fighters along with the Prescott Fire Chief.  The parents spoke of how they followed their one and only son to AZ when he started work in Prescott only so they could be closer to him and his family.  Then to lose him in such a tragic way.  They were very moved at our initiative to come and pay tribute to their son and the others thus wanted to be there to thank us.  As well the Fire Chief spoke of these 19 men were like his family as they all worked for him and were very close. 
The Prescott paper was also in attendance as they had been informed of our visit and chose to come and interview a few of us.  Upon learning of where I was from both the paper and the parents were keen to hear how I heard of this etc.  The parents thanked me personally for coming and informed me that it goes a long way to help them heel realizing so many people care.  
At any rate I thought I would just share why I wasn't at Blue's memorial but you can be assured I was there in spirit but this too was a very special event I am humbled to have been included in.
I'm attaching the Prescott newspaper clipping.  Just click on the link for this posting and you'll see the highlights talking about the Blue Knights remember the Prescott fallen.  Yours truly is pictured in the one pic.
Nov 22 Ride and Celebration of LifeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
CLICK HERE to see more of the Celebration of Life
As I type today's report, I have to be honest and say it is with some sadness, a good deal of pride and a ton of wonderful memories. For certain, I am happy that my life was intertwined with that of John Kelty, and hopefully I am a better person as a result of the many miles we rode together.
First, the ride report which Paul B, called in today. Thank you Paul.
10 bikes and 2 trikes with a compliment of 15 riders gathered at the Goldfield Chevron in preparation for an 8 am departure and a  short ride to Kearney. The Westside Café is again serving meals and were happy to see the Angels are including them in their ride destinations. I am told that the prices are fair, and that the food was good. Because the Celebration of John's Life was scheduled for this afternoon, it was a down and straight back outing resulting in only 102 miles of ride enjoyment.
This was the last of the 8 am departures. From this point forward, the Wednesday and Saturday groups will be departing at 9 am. I am not aware of the planned destinations but you can be assured that the size of the groups will continue to grow.
Speaking of nice sized groups, this afternoon there was a huge turn out for the Celebration of Life. It was held in the Golden Vista Ballroom and the room was full. Lots of John's family were able to be in attendance and I have to tell you that the real testament to John's life became evident when you witnessed what a great family he produced. Not all of his children were able to attend, but there was a good number of them representing several generations. Ed Kelty produced a really nice slide presentation that told the story of Blue's life. Well done Ed! There were testimonials from family and friends. Ed is a kindred spirit to me as he is a camera person (the difference being is that he takes REALLY GOOD photo's). He video taped today's celebration and I hope that he will share that with us one day soon. In addition to the family, the room was filled with friends that included neighbors, Blue's Angels, Softball Players, and even some of the Harley Davidson Ghost Riders were there to pay their respects. After the family tributes, slide show and some stories from guests, they took a break to attach a table filled with cookies, cake and pies. All washed down with hot coffee. At the same time, Ed took the video camera out where Blue's bike was parked and recorded some additional stories from attendees.
I did not stay for the 4 pm toast to John, but am certain the my friend was watching down on the group, enjoying that they were enjoying themselves.
I want to close today's report by passing along assurance from Webmaster Ed Kelty that the site will continue to be available to all who want to use it. He is hoping that more of the Angels will report on even non-organized outings. I will continue to input the reports whenever asked.
Blue... thanks for the ride. It has been a good one.. Ten Four!.
Order your Memorial Patch TodayUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
I had a phone call from Dollar Bill this afternoon. He is hunting deer in the North Woods and was freezing his butt off. I was in the loft at 138, taping sheetrock and was sweating like a hog.. Two different worlds...
Anyway, he was also on the job and has made arrangements to have memorial patches made. They will be 3" by 4" and with the exception that the motorcycle is going to be a darker blue will look LIKE THIS.
I have made an order form that I will give you a link to and you can print it and get the patches ordered. If you have a problem printing the patch, let me know and I will send it to you direct.  The cost of each patch is $5.00. I have had requests for 40 patches so far but an certain than number will grow.
It is a great way to honor the person who gave so much of himself to make riding for all of us so enjoyable.
HERE IS THE FORM. (When it displays, you should be able to right click on the form and then select the "PRINT" option and hopefully it will appear on your printer.
I will enjoy hearing what you think of the design.
You will see that there is an option of picking up the patch when Bill gets here in January, or if you will send him a stamped, self addressed envelope, he can just put them back in the mail for you.
If you have questions, please contact me.
Pat Alsup (Shutterbug)

 About the Blue's Angels

The “Blue’s Angels” was formed in 1995 by John Kelty.  The name of the group came from John’s current 1993 1500 cc blue Goldwing which he  has named “Blue”.   The "Angels" was chosen because all the riders are all such good little boys with their toys, and most of all because we wanted prayer involved as we rode and socialized.
Blue’s Angel's started with six bikes from the Golden Vista Resort and four from West Phoenix.  There are now over 40 active, enthusiastic guys and girls.  Every time “Blue” meets a new person at Golden Vista he asks “why don't you buy a motorcycle?”  Many do!
Blue’s Angels strive for comradeship while doing a fairly dangerous hobby and enjoying every minute of the time we ride.  Blue loves people and wants them all to feel as he does.
In the Spring of 2012, Blue handed the leadership of the group to Bill (Dollar Bill) Barrington who did so with the mutual agreement that it remained "Blue's Angels" and that while he would coordinate the rides and the general direction of the riders, John Kelty remains "THE MAN"

The Angels have no specific restrictions of membership. The only requirement would be that members maintain a safe bike.   All riders are encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety course.  To be an official member one must invest $12.00 to buy a Blue's Angels Cap.  After that huge expense, there are no dues or fees.
The main goals are:
   to keep the group going forever
   to keep it simple and informal
   to keep the prayers flowing for all in need


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