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 Blue's Angels Updates (Click HERE to see old postings)

Sept 17 Arizona RideUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Max and I met at the  Chevron  station  at 6:45. We waited until 7:00 in hopes that BJ or some others would be around.  No one showed so Max and I went to Florence Café. They sure have friendly  and  polite  waitresses.   The food was good but, skimpy on Max's egg beaters, so  he let them know.

We left there and went to Coolidge the back way, and back to Hunt Highway and then home by way of Ironwood.  It was a real good ride and the weather was great .

We rode 85 mile's and were gone for  two and a half hours.  We won't be riding  Wed 9/21/16  or  Sat 9/24/16. Max said he will ride Sat. and if anyone is here. You can call him @ 414-331-6441. I'll be in Iowa for my 60th class reunion and will be back 9/27/16. If I'm not to tired  on Wednesday 9/28/16, I might ride.

                                                          Cowpoke  [ Paul  B ]
Sept 5th... End of the journeyUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Last Day of the Cody Ride: 

September 5th and while it had been a great outing, I must admit I was ready for us to get home. I woke with a feeling of regret that the weather yesterday prevented us from riding the Bear Tooth’s but also with an understanding that those slow miles would have made it a very long day. And this day started out wet and chilly. The temperature when we walked to breakfast was about 40 degrees. That was at 8:00 am. Breakfast was as welcome as the accompanying morning beverage (I love my coffee to start the day). By the time we had returned to the motel, packed the bikes and checked out, it was nearly 9:30. The advancing hour made no impact on the morning temperature or the dampness. So, we bundled up in our rain gear and headed toward home. It was not long before the temperature dropped to around 38 and the rain persisted until we dropped off the range at Ashton Grade. By the time we reached Idaho Falls, it was time for fuel (both the bikes and the body). Lunch was at Famous Dave’s.

Steve continued to lead as we proceeded toward home. We opted to stay on the Interstate as that would get us home the soonest. We made a rest stop near American Falls, added fuel in Burley and then drove straight back to Twin Falls. Steve had made arrangements for those who wanted to meet at Scooters to celebrate Wanda’s birthday, so I made a jog to the house to pick her up. At 5:00 pm Steve, Linda, Fil, Tammy, and Dallas along with Matt, Deb and Sandy raised a glass or two to celebrate our return and Mom A’s 73rd. It was a fitting end to an exciting outing.

Summary:  Miles Ridden.. 274.2
Maximum Speed 86 mph
Moving Avereage 62 mph
Riding Time 4 hrs  26 minutes
Total miles ridden this trip 1002.
As it was cold, windy and wet I left my camera in my pocket, so today, there will be no photo's posted. I hope you have enjoyed my account of our trip. I never know for sure if I am overstepping my bounds where I post rides that involve groups other than the Angel's.  Soon the snow will be flying here and the trike will be put away for the winter. I look forward to hearing about your Arizona outings.
Sept 4 Ride from Cody to West YellowstoneUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Look at many of today's photo's by CLICKING HERE
Day 5 of our Cody adventure and I must admit that I was tired. It comes to mind that I may not be as young as I once was and when you combine years with only 3 hours sleep and then apply that to a hard day of riding something is going to hurt. On this day, that something was me.
Our plan for today was modified as the weather forecast was predicting rain in the high country so instead of a 6:30 departure, we pushed back an hour and were actually 15 minutes past that. We had to make sure our rental property was neat and tidy before departure. This is a nice home and I recommend it if you have a party staying in Cody.  
It was chilly in Cody and had sprinkled in the night. We took time for a photo of the riders before we left. The temperature was close to 50 as we rode North out of Cody on the Belfry Highway. Our route mirrored the one Steve and I took on Friday, except there was no sunshine and the temperature was 25 degrees cooler. There was also no construction on the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.
As we climbed up the mountain we were encased in some dense clouds and high humidity and a chilly 46 degrees.. Once at the summit, you could not see more than 50 feet or so, so there was no view to enjoy. We did stop to stretch and fed a chipmunk some crackers. Then we headed down the hill toward Sunlight Basin. Soon we dropped below the clouds but it was still very cool. We rode a steady pace all the way to Crandall where we stopped for a hot drink and to use the restrooms.

Our hope was that we would be able to ride over Bear Tooth Pass, but at nearly 11,000 feet it was likely to be snowing and that was not something we wanted to chance, so we turned North toward the NE gate to Yellowstone.  Before entering the park we stopped for fuel at Cooke City. I had a bit of breakfast while the others did some shopping. I also had a chance to look at a custom made trailer which I understand was made somewhere in Michigan. Pretty Cute!
We spent about an hour so in Cooke City so it was approaching mid day by the time we entered Yellowstone Park. We did see lots of buffalo today, no bear and a few elk and two beautiful Big Horn Sheep. Stops were made at Canyon Village, we went to Artists Point for pictures of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. There were some delays caused by potential animal photo's and a couple of wrecks. All in all, a very good day.

As I was making notes on this days ride we were in West Yellowstone. We walked to a local restaurant for a not so quiet supper and made plans for our final leg home.
Ride summary: we rode  176.1 miles and were in the saddle moving for 5 hours and 2 minutes. That reduces to an average speed of 35 mph. My top speed was 68 mph,
Saturday 9/10/2016Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
No Pictures Today

Morning Angels,

This morning was a great day for a ride. Max and Linda have returned to their winter home.

Max and I decided it would be a nice day for a ride, along with about 50+ other riders from Arizona. we decided on the West Side Café, in Kearney. The food was great and Max and I brought each other current on what happened during the summer months. After breakfast we thought we would head to Globe and then take the 60 home. That was a mistake because they haven't finished the construction yet. For about 1/2 mile or so it is still rough. I thought I was going to lose my teeth before we got out of there. T

When we got to Superior we discovered they have it all torn up but we made it through and arrived home with no problems. We traveled 154 miles with an elapsed time of 4hr. 15 min.

There will be no ride Wed 9/14, but we will ride Sat 9/17. Departure will be from the Chevron station at 7:00 AM.


Sept 3 A Day In CodyUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
CLICK HERE to see today's photos.
There was so much that we wanted to see on this visit to Cody as most of those who made the trip had not been here previously. But, the adage that "timing is everything" certainly applied this time. We had hoped to see the Cody Night Rodeo but that season ended the day before we arrived. Same is true for the nightly parade. The Gunfight held in front of the Irma Hotel as several weeks earlier one of the gunfighters showed up with loaded rounds in his pistol and some spectators were taken to the hospital. Nothing serious but the show is now on hold until next year when more extensive safety measures can be implemented. Seeing the museum properly really takes two pretty full days and some of our troops did manage that. My sister had managed to get 4 adult tickets comped which helped with some of the costs. I did do the museum this trip but spent much of the morning with my sister. She had me shaking apples from her tree for the "town deer" to dine on and I also did some pruning of that tree. As you can see, I also spent part of the morning taking photo's of deer (here is one that is working for his breakfast) and I rode past the home where I grew up. My dad built this home in 1938-39. It looks to me like it has been shrinking a bit every year. It was pretty small.
All of us met for lunch at the famous Irma Hotel. This is the one that Buffalo Bill had built and he named for his daughter. Some of the group were able to wrangle a free tour of some of the rooms. They tell me it was pretty impressive. I think they were happy with the meal there. I opted just to have a piece of pie... DELICIOUS.
Then it was off to Trail Town. It was here that Buffalo Bill layed out the original Cody town site and is a compilation of old cabins and relics. It was started by a Cody man, just a couple of years ahead of me in school. Bob Edgar was an avid outdoorsman, a fast draw advocate and a true historian. He began salvaging old cabins from the surrounding area, tore them down, re-assembled them and this was the beginning of what has become a really educational and interesting spot visit. If you remember the movie Jeremiah Johnson staring Robert Redford, well old 'Liver Eating Johnson" is interred here along with other early west notables. I took a ton of photo's while on tour and many are posted today.
Following Trail Town, we rode up to take in theBuffalo Bill Dam. Here too is an interesting and educational museum, well worth the time. Riding through the tunnels to get there is also fun. I remember the old highway going from Cody to the Dam. There was a section of the road where it was over a 22 degree incline. They used to have a tractor that would pull cars with trailers up the grade. Of course it was narrow and the tunnels through the mountain were not all that big. Sometimes trailers would get wedged in them. Travel could be slow in those days. The new road is nice, but not nearly as challenging.
This was to be our last day in Cody. Our hope was that we could ride the Bear Tooth's again but the weather forecast is not looking that good, and some of the ensample was not looking forward to a 6:30 departure time. So, we capped off our stay here with an enjoyable evening at a local brewery, Millstone Pizza and Brewery. The pizza was excellent and I understand their libations were too. I departed before the rest as my more senior body requires pain relieving rest.
Tomorrow we start home...
As you look at the photo's it is best if you click the "Actions" tab and select slide show. That should make it easier to get through them.  The link to find them is HERE.
Day two of the Cody RideUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
September 1, 2016
We began the day at 7:30 with a walk down the street for breakfast at Teton Valley Provisions and after a filling up on good chow and lots of coffee we departed Driggs at about 8:40 a.m. We rode 10 miles back to Victor to see if we could find Aaron’s lost cell phone. We were not successful so went for fuel  at Stinker and then headed over the mountain to Jackson Hole. It is a beautiful ride over the Teton’s and the smoke from ongoing fires gave the morning light a beautiful tone. While in Jackson we took a few minutes to ride around the city square and I always marvel at the arches of elk antlers. We had lots of miles to cover so soon headed north on 191 toward Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.  This might be a good spot to mention that we made no stops to take pictures of animals, as there was only one buffalo in this section. We did stop for shots of the Teton’s and once to call the motel to ask them to mail my forgotten glasses to Twin.  Oh yes, there was the one to remove Linda's ear buds wiring from the axel of Steve's bike.
We stopped a bit to dig in the coolers for some lunch items and even though it was not in the original plan we took a 17 mile detour and rode to Old Faithful in hopes of seeing her erupt. We arrived at the gas station just as she was doing her thing. We did not sit ringside, but enjoyed the show just the same. After fueling we retraced our steps and then headed north to Fishing Bridge where we got off for a quick stretch.
Our next stop was at Sylvan Pass and then it was down the grade to the East gate. We stopped at Pahaska Teepee (Buffalo Bill Cody’s old hunting camp, for about 30 minutes and then, anticipating the possibility of rain, made a dash for Cody. Justin (age 13) decided that he wanted to ride with me and I think enjoyed that experience. We arrived in Cody here about 6:00 p.m..  After driving to the rental house (5 bedrooms and 2 baths) we sorted out who would sleep where. Then Steve, Linda and I went to visit with my sister, Linda Campbell who many of you will remember from the Wyoming ride several years ago. Dinner was at Bubba’s. I love their BBQ. It had been a long and tiring day so some of us headed back to the house while others opted for a visit to one of the local brewery's.

Trip Summary: Miles ridden:  256.7 
Riding time:  6 hours 19 minutes.
Max speed:  67 mph.
 Average moving speed 41 mph. 

We crossed the continental divide 4 times. In the entire day we saw one buffalo south of the Park..  3 elk and 1 buffalo in the park... A bad day for animals..   All of the lakes are very low. The ground is dirt dry. I am surprised anything is alive.  When you look at the photo's you might notice that there is nothing from Old Faithful or beyond. I managed to shoot a lot of video of my crotch while riding and that really depletes the battery in a hurry. My Bad.

Second attempt at sending a postUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Hello Angels... Yesterday I sent a entry to the web site, reporting on day one of a ride we took to Cody, WY... I don't know if I did something wrong, but apparently the mailing did not go out, So, this is my attempt to get the posting to you... If you CLICK HERE it should take you directly to the site and the entry. I hope it works.
If it does, I will continue to add the additional days. We were gone a total of six and had a great time..  Hope you are all well and suppose many of you are looking forward to getting together in AZ soon...
Ride Safe:
Labor Day Ride To CodyUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Hello Friends....  While I am no longer able to spend time in the saddle with most of you, I want you to know that the bike is not gathering dust, nor are my leathers and clothing bearing the Blue's Angel identifications. This past week, a group of young friends that we share miles with took a trip to Wyoming, We were gone a total of 6 days and I am taking the liberty of posting photo's and a brief report on each day. Hope some of you enjoy it.
We had hopes that a larger group would be riding but it turned out that we had 3 bikes and a cage. My son Steven and his girlfriend Linda Frailey were on bike 1, Dallas Wilson (our ride promoter) on bike two, was the third rider and in the Cage Fil Saddler with Aaron Wert and his children Justin (age 13) and Kayla (age 10). Dallas's girlfriend Tammy Scott was working but would catch a ride and join us in Cody on Friday.
We met at Dallas's residence at 1 pm and soon were on our way to his shop to pick up some forgotten items. Then it was Eastbound on I-80, maximizing our use of the 80 mph speed limit. We stopped for a butt rest at the Rest Area just west of American Falls and then again for fuel near the Pocatello Airport. Then we continued on up to Idaho Falls, no stop here, and west again to Swan Valley. On this leg we there were forest fires visible, or at least the smoke from them. We stopped at Victor for supper and some of the riders had a beer. I took Justin and Kayla for a short ride around town and then Kayla decided that she would ride on over to Driggs with me. We had a nice 10 mile run and I think it gave her the confidence to try it again. Hopefully Justin will want to go as well. You will also note that the smoke from the nearby fire was making for apretty spectacular sky.

We then checked into the Pine Motel where I devoted some time to downloading photo's and making this trip log.

Summary to trip:
Miles ridden:  242.3
Max Speed  80 mph 
Average speed  57.0 
Moving time  4:13 
This route has been in question for a week or more because @191 from Jackson to the Park has been closed owing to the fires. Reports are more favorable now, so we should be fine tomorrow.

 Contact Information

Summer Ride Coordinator - Call 480-747-3931

 About the Blue's Angels

The “Blue’s Angels” was formed in 1995 by John H. Kelty. The name of the group came from John’s original 1993 1500 cc blue Goldwing which he named “Blue”. The "Angels" was chosen because all the riders are all such good little boys with their toys, and most of all because we wanted prayer involved as we rode and socialized.

Blue’s Angel's started with six bikes from the Golden Vista Resort in Apache Junction, AZ. and four from West Phoenix. There are now over 40 active, enthusiastic guys and girls. Every time “Blue” met a new person at Golden Vista he asks “why don't you buy a motorcycle?” Many did!

Blue’s Angels strive for comradeship while doing a fairly dangerous hobby and enjoying every minute of the time we ride. Blue loved people and wanted them to all feel the joy of riding as he did.

In the Spring of 2012, Blue handed the leadership of the group to Bill (Dollar Bill) Barrington who did so with the mutual agreement that it remained "Blue's Angels" and that while he would coordinate the rides and the general direction of the riders, John Kelty remained "THE MAN"

Unfortunately after over 20 years of riding nearly 250,000 miles, Blue succumbed to cancer on November 11, 2014. Up until his last days he loved to ride and it was his hope, as well as his families, that the Angels remain together and continue riding and loving the open road as much as Blue did.

The Angels have no specific restrictions of membership. The only requirement would be that members maintain a safe bike. All riders are encouraged to complete a motorcycle safety course. To be an official member one must invest $12.00 to buy a Blue's Angels Cap. After that huge expense, there are no dues or fees.

The main goals are:

- to keep the group going forever

- to keep it simple and informal

- to keep the prayers flowing for all in need


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